Hockey Clubs

Approximately 1 in 10 of the hockey pitches in England that hold FIH certification (as of December 2019) have benefitted from SSL’s consultancy services. The majority of hockey clubs in the UK are based at schools/leisure centres. When developing a facility we put an emphasis on ensuring all key stakeholders are engaged with, such as key existing/proposed tenants of a facility, including hockey clubs. In order to flourish, the hockey club network needs access to better quality facilities, and our knowledge of new build hockey pitch construction and refurbishment of existing pitches is second-to-none.

A selection of clubs that use facilities delivered by SSL are listed below;

Barnes Hockey Club

Basingstoke Hockey Club click to view project

Bolton Hockey Club click to view project

Chelmsford Hockey Club click to view project

Eirias Hockey Club

North Stafford Hockey Club

Selby Hockey Club

Sidmouth and Ottery Hockey Club

Taunton Hockey Club