A concise specification ensures like for like tender bids are received.

A project specification must be put together carefully, taking into account health and safety, the existing site, required end usage, client expectations, project funder expectations and available budget.

Construction Specification

As the project develops, the SSL team produce a detailed construction specification. This includes a works schedule/bill of quantities against which contractors can price against ensuring ‘like for like’ bids are received. The specification will encompass all works needed to leave the client with a new facility that is ready for play. Specific reference is made to relevant industry standards from the sporting governing bodies (e.g. FIH/ FIFA/ World Rugby/ England Netball/ ITF/ IAAF etc.) and from general construction regulations.

Design Drawings

To supplement the written specification document, SSL will provide an array of design drawings. These design drawings do not just illustrate the new playing surface. Depending on the project requirements, drawings are also provided to show ground modelling, drainage systems, construction cross sections, fence elevations, any associated facilities such as car parks/access roads etc.


The SSL team are able to computer model floodlight emissions to determine light levels on the new playing surface, and light spillage around the facility. This data is normally used within the planning application and is particularly important for residential areas around the site. With running costs, maintenance and energy efficiency high on the agenda, SSL are pleased to see real advances in LED lighting technology in sports floodlighting and are able to advise and specify the best lighting solution for your requirements.

The Tender Process

Once agreed and signed off by our client, the construction specification & drawings will provide the basis to facilitate a formal tender process. Depending on our client’s requirements, SSL are able to produce the full tender documentation required and then invite several approved specialist contractors to submit bids for the works. Once the tender period closes, SSL carry out an analysis of all tender bids assessing factors such as cost and quality, in order to advise the client when selecting their preferred contractor.

In-House Capabilities

SSL utilise the latest AutoCAD design software. However, what sets us apart from other consultants & architectural practices is that our offering is tailored to the sports facility industry and are able to carry out a large proportion of the specialist design works in-house including;

  • Independent Floodlighting designs using Calculux software
  • Cut and fill designs using Volumetrics software
  • Drainage calculations

This gives us greater control over the entire design/specification process as we are not reliant on outsourcing such elements to external designers.