Project Monitoring

SSL are on hand to ensure quality is maintained throughout.

When a new-build project reaches construction stage, or when refurbishment commences on an existing facility, our services do not end there!

Quality Control

Throughout the construction or refurbishment, the SSL team carry out various specialist quality control checks (‘key stage inspections’) and provide written reports to the client. These reports explain the checks carried out and, if there are any issues, provide recommendations on rectifying those issues before permitting the contractor to progress to the next works stage. This provides our clients with independent confirmation that each stage of the work has been executed in accordance with specification and to the appropriate standards.

Financial Administration

Subject to client preference, SSL can review contractor payment applications & provide payment certificates to allow contractors to submit invoices at the appropriate time. SSL can also manage contract variations and provide the client with an important industry-aware view with regards to any commercial aspects of the contract. Unlike some other consultants, our fees are not based on a percentage of the overall contract value and so it is not in our interests to increase the contract value. We work to protect our clients.


Subject to client preference, SSL can chair project meetings at pre-start stage and on completion, as well as progress meetings throughout the build. Meeting minutes and actions are distributed to all parties following each meeting. Such meetings are vital to review works to date and ensure the programme is achieved.

Post Installation Support

Following practical completion, SSL continue to monitor the facility over the defects period. Should any defects arise, SSL will identify and ensure the contractor rectifies issues at their cost and in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Performance Testing and Certification

To us, like you, the performance of a sports surface is critical. To assess existing or newly installed surfaces, SSL use test specialists to carry out both field and laboratory based testing. On newly completed facilities, these tests check compliance with the relevant governing body performance criteria (e.g. FIH, FIFA, World Rugby etc).

Maintenance Guidance

SSL can advise your in-house maintenance team on the best methods to employ to keep your sports facility in peak condition. With years of experience, the SSL team can conduct annual inspections to outline the condition of your surface, highlight any issues or specialist work that may be required or advise on any adjustments to the maintenance programme that could help prolong surface lifespan. We can also discuss technical developments that could improve your facility.