Artificial Surfaces for Hockey Pitches

There are a number of options available for artificial hockey pitches. We’ve outlined some information about each of the options below, but we’re happy to talk through the different variations and what would be best for your pitch.

Filled surface/Sand Filled Pitch

A turf surface  of woven, tufted or knitted synthetic material fully supported or stabilised by the addition of filling material to the full depth of the pile to help maintain its height. The height of this artificial surface is the highest of the options outlined on this page. We include within our design a top quality material with well-rounded particles that means your pitch has adequate drainage at all times.

Water based filled surface/dressed surface

A turf surface of woven, tufted or knitted synthetic material partly supported by a filling material such as sand. The filling material will be between 65% and 80% of the pile depth to help retain its height. The pile is more dense in this surface from others, but the pile is also not as high. For best results, we recommend this surfaces is watered occasionally (but requires a lot less water than a water based unfilled surface).

Water based unfilled surface

A turf surface comprising a very dense woven, tufted or knitted synthetic pile of a short length material. It is essential that this surface is kept wet during play – this helps to ensure not just the safety of players but also the quality of the playing surface. Keeping the surface wet will also help to ensure the longevity of the pitch.